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Next Steps for Openstack; Goodbye Austin, Hello Bexar

So, we’ve kicked Austin,  the first official release of OpenStack, out the door. What now?  If you were hoping for a little rest and relaxation, you joined the wrong project.

In two short weeks we have the OpenStack Design Summit (ODS).  ODS is not a conference, where people lull you to sleep with presentations.  ODS is a working summit.  We have to plan, discuss, and write specifications for the next two releases of OpenStack.

So how does this work, you ask? The entire process is documented on

  • Submit blueprints. It all starts with blueprints.  Blueprints are short descriptions of features, or parts of features.  Landscape has a good description of blueprints, if you want to learn more.
  • The team of Openstack architects then reviews the blueprints and , if needed, asks for more information from the filer.
  • We then choose the blueprints we think are the highest priority and schedule discussions about them at ODS.
  • After the Summit, the full specifications are written, I will approve and prioritize them.
  • As you you start developing, please update the status of your blueprints
  • Don’t forget to link your development branch to the blueprint using the ”Link a related branch” link on the right hand side of the blueprint page.