Rackspace/Openstack Addendum

Since this seems to have spun out of control a bit, I’d like to add a little clarification to my views:


I am a fan of Rackspace. They are a good company full of good people trying to do what they think is right for their business.  Rackspace has a set of core values that most companies would do well to emulate.


Openstack is a large healthy project, any one person or even group of people leaving would not hurt it too much.  Rackspace is integral to the success of Openstack.  Rackspace gives the project credibility, that it wouldn’t otherwise have


I don’t have any major problems with the governance. It is an incremental improvement over what we had.  I have a problem with the process that was used make the governance change.   I feel that changes like this should be open and transparent.


I don’t think there was any ill intent on Rackspace’s part in making these changes. They just thought they could.  That is the crux of my issue.  I want Rackspace to realize that there are expectations of transparency in open source projects and that it is a technical undertaking and involving the technical community in decisions is critical to long term success.

Rackspace is run by reasonable people.  If this were not the case, I would not have wasted my time writing a blog post.  I want to lobby Rackspace to do what I think is the right thing, because I know Rackspace wants to do the right thing! My purpose was not to forecast the doom of Openstack or brand Rackspace as a bad player.


2 Responses to “Rackspace/Openstack Addendum”

  1. 1 Jon Edwards March 24, 2011 at 5:26 pm

    I would like to echo Rick’s concerns above, and also to be seen to lobby Rackspace to do ‘the right thing’. From what I understand NASA abandoned Eucalyptus because it wasn’t truly open source. With the emergence of the Eucalyptus Enterprise edition as the only sensible version to manage Windows based VMs, we also looked for an alternative. We were/are very excited about Openstack and understand the importance of Governance and transparency in an open source project.

  1. 1 Rackspace will balance control of #OpenStack? It takes time & strong partners « Rob Hirschfeld's Blog Trackback on March 24, 2011 at 5:15 am

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